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Atlas Menswear

Our shirts were engineered specifically for athletic and muscular men. You've got to try one.

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Built for athletes

Our exclusive muscle-fit shirts are engineered for athletic bodies. You won't find a fit like this anywhere else.


These aren't your average dress shirts. They are highly engineered and rigorously tested. Click the button to explore the features that launch our shirts above the competition.

Details Matter

We've engineered every detail of our shirts. Every stitch, button and panel have been thoughtfully built to perform for you.

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What our customers are saying

If you are built the way I am, you have found it near impossible to find correct fitting shirts. For me to have the arms and shoulders fit, the body, mainly the waist of the shirt is to big. Not with Atlas Menswear, my dress shirts now are designed for my body and life style. The little stretch in the fabric is a nice touch.

Wayman M.

This shirt is super comfortable and the material stretches nicely as you move. The shirt looks great and is very well made. As someone who likes to go untucked the below the belt button is a game changer. I highly recommend this shirt to anyone with an athletic build.

Jeremy C.

I have always had a problem wearing dress shirts because they never fit my body properly. This shirt is perfect for anyone with a muscular body type - it fits perfectly and the fabric allows you the movement you need to move comfortably.

Tyler W.

Without a doubt the highest quality, best fitting dress shirt that I own.