The Atlas Story

My whole adult life it seemed impossible to find a dress shirt that would fit me. If I found a shirt that fit my shoulders, it looked like a bag of dirt around my waist. If a shirt was narrow enough to fit my waist, then I could rip through the shoulders with my “Arnold Trap” pose.

 My "shirt ripper" pose as I like to call it

I started talking to other guys at the gym and asking them where they got their dress clothes. I quickly found that there were very few options for muscular men in this area. Most other men had the same problem that I had. It turns out they had three options: spend a lot of time and money having a tailor make a custom shirt, wear a poor fitting dress shirt that they would be embarrassed to wear, or they would just wear T-shirts everywhere. This was not something I was willing to accept. I started doing some online research and found some companies that claimed to solve this problem, but they all fell short of what I was expecting. Companies claimed to have shirts with a “true muscle fit” but substandard altering, low quality product, and massive fails in the actual fit were just some of the disappointments I experienced. I even tried a company that claimed to make you a “custom shirt” if you enter your measurements on their website. This shirt was one of the most comical things I’ve ever worn. I later learned these “custom” shirt companies simply take a shirt to fit your largest measurement (which can be a huge shirt) and alter the other parts down. It was reminiscent of the Seinfeld “Pirate Shirt” episode. Unfortunately the three digit price tag offset most of the comic value the shirt provided.


The Beginning of Atlas Menswear

After being disappointed with multiple online purchases, I started researching the possibility of starting my own company. Now let me tell you, I had never sat in front of a sewing machine, and the only time I had ever touched a needle and thread was to sew stripes on my Air Force uniform back in my military days. I knew starting a clothing company would be an uphill climb to say the least. What I did have, however, was a background of over 30 years in martial arts, wrestling, military experience, a lot of time spent in the gym, and the experience of raising 4 daughters with my wife. Needless to say, I’m not the type to ever back down from a challenge. 


I began exploring all of my options, making contacts in the fashion industry, listening to podcasts, reading books, and immersing myself in everything I needed to learn to start the company I envisioned. It was not unlike deciding to change your body by putting in a huge amount of work in the gym and on your diet. Things started slow. I was entering a world I knew nothing about and had a long unknown road ahead of me.


There were plenty of setbacks and failures. Eventually though, I started to build momentum, and started surrounding myself with an amazing team. Ultimately, I knew there would be nothing that could stop my company from getting off the ground and becoming a success.
Measuring session at the Powerhouse Gym, Columbus
Atlas Menswear now exists to serve you: the muscular man who wants performance dress clothes to make them look and feel good. Some of the features we put in our clothing include:
  • flexible fabrics
  • wicking and drying performance
  • proprietary shirt patterns made for muscular physiques
  • innovations that add to the customer's experience
I know our clothes will surpass all your expectations. Our company mission statement and core values all exist to keep us focused on our ultimate goal: to be the sole provider of fine dress clothes for muscular men. We exist to serve this market. We respect our customers and their lifestyle. Just being an Atlas customer means you have a strong work ethic, you’ve put in the work on yourself, and you won’t accept anything less than what you know you deserve. These are the same principles Atlas Menswear was founded upon and we are honored you are here.
Atlas Menswear Founder - Aaron Woolf
Aaron Woolf - Founder, Atlas Menswear