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About Atlas Menswear

Who we are

Atlas Menswear is an apparel brand that provides clothing specifically engineered for muscular men.  We know that building an above average physique requires tremendous effort and sacrifice that only a few men are willing to make.  If you are one of these men, your physical appearance is a big part of who you are.  You should be able to project how you feel about yourself through your clothing.  We believe your physique is an outward expression of your work ethic.  Atlas Menswear lets you tastefully show off the results of your hard work to the world. 

What we do

We make shirts that are built to showcase a great physique.  We put work into researching how the male body grows after years of working out in the gym.  From size small to our big 4XL size we have it down to a science.  We measured bodybuilders, gym rats and athletes of various sports.  We even studied anatomy books to gain a greater understanding of the muscular structure and function of the human body.  Our shirts are the result of our hard work and we’re proud of them.  Some of the features that resulted from this hard work are:

- More room up top for broad shoulders and rounded delts

- Extra fabric in the chest to give more room for developed pectoral muscles

- Underarm gussets to allow greater ease of arm movement

- An engineered taper from the shoulders to the waist, designed to go around developed lats and taper into your waist

- Flexible performance fabrics to keep you comfortable while you move

Why do we do it?

Athletic and muscular men are the most underserved segment in the clothing industry.  Just go to any shopping mall or men’s store and try on a few shirts.  You’ll quickly be frustrated with your options.  If you buy a shirt big enough to fit your shoulders, it will hang straight down and be extremely baggy around your waist.  If you buy it smaller to fit closer to your waist, you’ll end up ripping through the back or tearing out the elbows.  Big clothing companies target the largest possible market so they can make the most sales.  To accomplish this, they make shirts to fit an average male body.  If you look around in public, you’ll see the unfortunate current state of the average male body.  This is not you.  You’ve separated yourself from the crowd.  You have put yourself in an elite group and you deserve to be recognized for it.  Atlas Menswear was founded for you.  Now you can proudly wear clothing that showcases your above average body. 

Our standards are as high as yours

Many clothing brands consider inclusivity as a cornerstone of their brand.  Making clothing to “fit all body types” is something they proudly advertise.  At Atlas Menswear, however, we take a different approach.  We proudly proclaim that our clothing is not made for all body types.  We make our clothing for one specific body type, and we do it well.  We aren’t interested in lowering the bar to get more sales.  Our clothing is not made to hide that dad bod and we don’t employ tricks to make you appear better than you actually look.  If you aren’t far enough in your fitness journey to fit into an Atlas Menswear shirt, we won't lower our standards to meet you.  Instead, we will stand with you and cheer you on as you push yourself to become one of the elites who are already wearing our clothing. 

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