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Shirt Features

 To fully understand just how different our shirts are, allow us to take a few minutes to explain some of the most special features. 

Our founder explains some of the more important features in these short videos.  These are functional details that you likely won't find in any other button-up shirts.   

In this video, our founder, Aaron Woolf, shows you the difference our athletic-stretch fabrics make in our shirts.  Our shirts perform like your familiar gym shirt.  


The next video explains what underarm gussets are. These little gems make a huge difference in how the shirts move with your athletic physique. Not many shirt manufacturers take the time or expense to put these in their shirts.


    In this video Aaron explain darts and the important role they play in creating our exclusive athletic fit button up shirts. 


    The Atlas "Below the Belt" button is an innovation you won't find anywhere else.  Have you ever wondered why they don't make shirts that button all the way to the bottom?  Well we did so we made ours with an extra button.  This enhances the look of the shirt when you wear it untucked.  From now on you'll notice how unfinished everyone else's shirt looks.

    Atlas Menswear Below the Belt button.


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