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Our Brand

You work hard on your physique.  You put in countless hours in the gym.  You are disciplined in your diet and you don't let yourself off the hook by skipping a workout.  You don't settle for average.  Why then, would you hide the result of your hard work under clothing that is made for an average man? 

Atlas Menswear is the perfect shirt to fit your muscular physique.  We have held multiple fitting sessions with athletes and made countless improvements to bring you our muscular-fit clothing.   

Atlas Menswear

Fabrics - We have carefully chosen fabrics that will out perform any other "off-the-rack" dress shirt you'll find.  The smooth and comfortable stretch fabric in our Competitor series and the high-performing fabric in our PRO series shirts are the reason we say the Atlas shirt is "The dress shirt with the heart of a gym shirt".

Fit - We have measured athletes and developed a custom pattern that is used to build each Atlas Menswear shirt.  Each seam, each panel piece, and each stitch, has been painstakingly scrutinized to perform perfectly.

Details - While building these shirts, we have added subtle details that elevate the Atlas shirt above others.  These details are unique to the Atlas brand and people will know you care about your style as much as you care about your physique.