Bodybuilders are often an example of overcoming extreme challenges to become a top-level example of the human physique. They spend hours in the gym lifting weights, gain incredible knowledge of nutrition, and foster high levels of discipline in their lifestyle; all to build the best physique they can possibly build. Bodybuilders, however, face a unique challenge when it comes to shopping for clothes. Their muscular build can make it difficult to find clothes that fit well and look good at the same time.


Bodybuilders must often buy clothes that are larger than their actual size to accommodate extreme physical proportions due to their muscle growth. This means that they end up with clothes that are too loose and baggy, giving them a sloppy silhouette that doesn't flatter the physique they’ve worked so hard for. On the other hand, if they choose clothes that are tighter fitting, they can often feel uncomfortable and restricted in their movements, even ripping out the backs of shirts if they aren’t careful.


One solution to this problem is to shop with clothing brands that cater specifically to bodybuilders and athletes of all sports. These brands offer clothes that are designed to fit muscular physiques, with features like more width for bigger shoulders, tapered waistlines and stretchy fabrics. This ensures that bodybuilders can find clothes that not only fit well but also show off their hard-earned muscles.   One of the brands we found that does this the best is Atlas Menswear

Paul Baker wearing his Atlas Menswear muscle-fit shirt(  They have developed a button-down shirt to fit athletic bodies and it works better than anything else we’ve tried.  Athletic men appreciate the features of these shirts and many muscular men are finding out that they finally have the option of dressing up when they go out. 


It is important for bodybuilders to focus on the fit of their clothes, rather than just the size. Clothes that fit well can enhance their physique by highlighting their proportions and creating a more streamlined appearance. Bodybuilders sometimes resort to custom-tailored clothing, which can be expensive, time consuming, and often does not produce results as good as clothes that were made from the start for their shape. 


Bodybuilders should not be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors. While black can be a safe choice, bodybuilders should explore brighter colors and bold patterns, which can add some personality to their wardrobe. 


Gone are the days of wearing loose-fitting T-shirts and sweatpants everywhere.  Bodybuilders work hard for their appearance, so it doesn’t make sense to wear clothes that don’t make them look good.  With social media being so important to building a personal brand, a bodybuilder’s image is always on display.  Going out in public 


Shopping for clothes as a bodybuilder can be a daunting task, but with some careful planning and consideration, it is possible to find clothes that fit well and flatter their muscular physique. By focusing on the fit, exploring different brands and styles, and considering custom-tailoring, bodybuilders can look their best both in and out of the gym.